Twin Stick Tennis – Beta Demo

Twin Stick Tennis delivers a clever physics-based twist on video game tennis, with you able to independently swing your racket with the right analog stick.

While most tennis games just have you pressing a button to swing your racket, Twin Stick Tennis makes things a little tricker by making you swing it yourself. You can move around with the left analog stick (or WASD) as normal, but to swing your racket you rotate the right stick (or mouse), and you can press other buttons to add topspin, backspin, lobs and power shots.

It’s a simple concept that is very easy to pick up and play, but takes a while to master. It’s a lot of fun, and although there’s no multiplayer in the demo, it definitely seems that’s where the most entertainment will be as it’ll much more satisfying to smash one past a human opponent.

Download The Twin Stick Tennis Beta Demo Here (Steam)