Twisted Citadel – Game Jam Build Download

Twisted Citadel is a cleverly crafted puzzle platforming adventure set in a castle of illusions and wrap-around levels where the screen only moves in one direction.

Created by Mors (creator of Super Mario Flashback), Darkonius Makavar, and Catonator, Twisted Citadel is a very inventive pixel art puzzle platformer set in a mysterious citadel that seems to be linked to the disappearance of all the local townsfolk. In the game you play a brave hero who must navigate the 15 levels of the strange citadel and figure out where the townsfolk have gone.

In each level you need to grab a key (and grab an optional collectible) then make your way to the exit. The way the levels scroll play a big factor in how you do this though – some scroll vertically and some scroll horizontally, but they all only scroll one way. This means that you can’t backtrack (as in the original Super Mario Bros.) unless you find a switch to reverse the direction of the scrolling. All the levels wrap-around though so if you miss something then you can catch it on the next loop around (as long as you’ve activated/deactivated any barriers/walkways that were blocking your way).

It’s a great little game with some very creative gameplay, a wonderful ZX-Spectrum/Commodore 64-esque visual style and some very inventive level design. A delightful wrap-around puzzle platforming adventure where you can’t take screen-scrolling for granted.

Download or Play Twisted Citadel Here (Windows & Browser)