Two Against the Legion – Beta Sign Up

Two Against the Legion is a co-op multiplayer puzzle adventure where two players work together to prevent a robotic revolution from causing a nuclear disaster.

Playable in split-screen local co-op or online via Remote Play Together, in Two Against the Legion the players solve puzzles and defeat robots as they try to stop a meltdown at a nuclear power plant. Interestingly, each player plays the game from a different perspective and one player moves their character with the keyboard, while the other uses solely the mouse. Players will have to communicate and cooperate to succeed and prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

It’s a fun looking game that should offer up some novel co-op puzzle mechanics as players each use their unique perspectives and control schemes to their advantage. Sign up for the Beta to see if you can stop the power plant from going critical!

Sign Up For The Two Against the Legion Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)