Two Dimensions – Game Jam Build

Two Dimensions is a cleverly crafted little puzzle game where you switch perspectives between a 2D overhead view and a 2D side-on view as you attempt to traverse each level.

Visually Two Dimensions looks fairly simple, but the perspective-shifting puzzles are surprisingly complex. In each level your aim is to reach the green square and you can switch between a top-down view and a side-on view at any time. In the top-down view you are a flat square and in the side-on view you are a simple line (the flat square viewed from the side). You’re not particularly agile but while in your side-on view mode you can climb objects and when viewed from above your square can slide around a little.

It’s a fun little puzzler that plays around with perspective in some clever ways and it can get pretty tricky in the later stages. An inventive little puzzler where you think in three dimensions while moving in two.

Note: Arrow Keys to move, ‘I’ to shift ‘J’ to move on to the next level, Spacebar to restart a level. (All the instructions are in Chinese)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Two Dimensions Here (Windows)