Two Interviewees – Student Project Download

Two Interviewees

Two Interviewees is a short, dual-perspective visual novel that aims to compare the experiences of men and women during job interviews.

Two Interviewees’ visuals are highly stylized and geometric, resembling the illustrations one might find in office training manuals. What makes Two Interviewees unique is that as you progress through the game, each choice you make is applied to both job candidates. We appreciate that Two Interviewees took the time to represent the troubles both genders may face when applying for jobs, such as the negative reaction to the male interviewee’s ear piercing. It is this thoughtful approach that prevents the game from feeling preachy. The game also helpfully includes some supplemental “fun” facts when you gameover, listing some uncomfortably true statistics about gender segregation and discrimination in the workplace.

It’s also worth noting that the gender of the HR representative is never revealed, thus never placing the full blame for society’s restrictive gender roles on any one group of people. We are all complicit in the reinforcing the gender gap. This is explored further in Two Interviewees’ gameplay as you’ll find yourself selecting your answers based on your own gender assumptions to try to “game the system”.

Two Interviewees makes for excellent conversation starter. We highly recommend using the game as a way to examine your own prejudices about men and women; you may be surprised what you learn about yourself.

Download Two Interviewees Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Android)