Two Lines – Game Jam Build

Two Lines is a creepy first person horror game where you attempt to escape the reaper as you navigate a labyrinthine urban city environment.

In Two Lines you play an unnamed protagonist who wakes up in an old decaying bathtub. As you explore you soon find yourself in a large maze-like urban environment which you must navigate through whilst avoiding a freaky scythe-wielding reaper who constantly pursues you. The reaper isn’t too hard to outrun and it’s not an insta-death as soon as he catches you – it gives you a decent chance of escape.

Taking around ten minutes to play through, it’s a tense and atmospheric little horror game that gets under your skin. The location you start the game and the little “Two Lines” riddle at the start make it pretty easy to piece together why you’re there so the ending isn’t that big a twist, but it’s well done nonetheless. A great little ten minute run through a grim grey city.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Two Lines Here (Windows)

3 thoughts on “Two Lines – Game Jam Build”

  1. Hello there!

    With a second playthrough, if you look at the details in the apartment and bathroom, there is actually a much deeper story to discover. In the video, there were a several key details that were missed. If you’re inclined to give it another shot, there’s an actual story at play, and each item in the apartment serves to tell it, and help solve the riddle. I love the analyses I’ve read on this site, and for my other game, you guys nailed it. I would love to see a deeper interpretation. Thanks for playing!

    • Hi! Thanks! It’s a great game! I didn’t really want to spoil it in the article, but figured that the protagonist had killed themselves in the bathtub and they are now trapped in a looping Hell/Limbo. Figured the “two lines to for life” referred to your veins/arteries and the “two for death” referred to the cuts that your character had made in their wrists when they bled to death in the tub. Was there more to it than that?

  2. Hi KJ! You have the ‘what’, but not the ‘why’. You’re correct with the “two for death”, but not the “two for life”. There are actually at least 3 key objects in the final area that you walked right past, that serve to tell the story. If you play it again, be sure to look up, and not click anything until you’re certain you’ve seen it all. Don’t worry, most people have done the same thing so far, and most haven’t bothered to inspect the area. But I promise it’s worth a second playthrough, and it will make the story much more interesting than a man simply killing himself and going to limbo. Also, the street signs are the easter egg :)

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