Two Player – Game Jam Build

Two Player is a fun little narrative-driven game where you sit down with your friend and play a zombie-blasting co-op FPS.

Created for 7dfps, in Two Player you find yourself sitting on a couch next to an old friend, ready to play a new co-op FPS. Your buddy is playing on their laptop and you are playing on the large projector screen in front of you. You can actually play the FPS that’s being projected on the wall and your actions affect how the story plays out.

Taking around five minutes to play through, Two Player is a short, but sweet and oddly emotional little game that helps recreate fond (and some not-so-fond) memories of playing a bit of co-op with a friend. It’s a fun little game with charming dialogue and multiple endings to discover (often with you being a bit of an a**hole and screwing over your buddy!)

Play Two Player Here (Browser)