Two Strikes – Alpha Demo

Two Strikes is an incredibly cool weapon-based martial arts fighting game where it only takes one well-timed strike to win a round.

Currently in development by Retro Reactor (creator of One Strike), Two Strikes is a beautifully animated 2D fighting game where it only takes one strike to fell your opponent. It is a sequel to the well received One Strike, but while One Strike had a pixel art visual style, Two Strike used big, bold hand animated visuals that look incredible.

The current demo build gives access to two playable characters (Kenji and Tomoe) and two different arenas playable in Vs or against AI. Combat is similar to the Bushido Blade inspired original, with players facing off in tense and very quick battles where timing is everything.

You can dash, block, cancel attacks and use one light and one heavy attack. The heavy attack can kill your enemy instantly but leaves you more vulnerable if it’s blocked, while the light attack leaves you less open to a counter-attack but requires two successful hits to down your enemy. Rounds are usually over very quickly and the first to win three rounds sprays their rival’s blood across the arena and wins the match.

It’s a fantastic game that manages to nail the Divekick-esque formula of delivering a fighting game that’s easily to pick up and play while also being skill based and very fast paced. The hand drawn visuals are absolutely stunning and it’s particularly satisfying when you land a killer blow. Highly recommended.

Download The Two Strikes Beta Demo Here (Windows & Mac)