Tyrant’s Realm – Alpha Download

Tyrant’s Realm is a Dark Souls inspired third person action roguelike where a prisoner fights his way out of the dungeons in a dark fantasy world.

The combat in Tyrant’s Realm is similar to most Soulslikes, with you managing your stamina as you use light and heavy attacks, while evading enemy attacks. As you fight your way through the room-based random generated level you’ll also collect weapons, armor and blueprints to aid your adventure.

It is still very early in development so is a little barebones at the moment, but Tyrant’s Realm shows a lot of promise. The retro styled visuals work well, the combat is easily accessible and the randomly generated levels look set to offer plenty of replayability. A Soulslike roguelike that you might like!

Download The Tyrant’s Realm Alpha Here (Windows)