U-Boats – Beta Download


U-Boats is a great submarine game that pits you in exciting top-down naval battles, as you combine submersible stealth with torpedo firing action to sink ships and turn the tide of war.

The top down gameplay and easily accessible nature of U-Boats makes it feel a little like a Micro Machines version of a submarine sim.  Your U-boat is small and fairly fragile, but also quick, agile and able to sneak up on boats unnoticed.  You must use your wits and guile as you approach each open world mission as you see fit – tactics are just as important as firepower.

As you progress, you’ll unlock more powerful submarines, which will allow for more options on the battlefront.  It also has some nice little touches – like gauges on your HUD, breaking off and rolling about when you take damage.  The maps could do with a little bit of visual polish, but the gameplay is already impressive – a satisfying blend of tactics and top down shooting.  A satisfyingly strategic submersible shooter.

Check Out the U-Boats Greenlight Page HERE

Download the U-Boats Beta HERE or HERE (Windows Only)