UEBERNATURAL, a SNES-stye retro arcade game made for the Weirder Stuff Jam, has you playing a couple of Supernatural TV Series inspired mini-games!

UEBERNATURAL has you playing Dean or Sam from Supernatural in some fun little mini-games as various spooky happenings go on around them. The first game is quite simple, finding and picking up clues as to what is going on. Once you have collected all of the clues, you can get back into your car and move onto some fighting! On the road through the forest, there are lots of zombies. You must shoot them down or risk damage to your car. Your gun reloads automatically each time the bullets run out, but this does take time! All the while as you’re driving, an awesome 8-bit version of Carry On My Wayward Son plays, adding to the mood.

If your car survives the trip, you will move onto the hardest mini game of the bunch, fighting hordes of monsters outside your car in a field. Zombies, skeletons heads, and killer clowns will all attempt to surround you and kill you. You must continue to use your gun to shoot them down, avoiding the bad guys while your gun is reloading. This is quite the challenge as more and more enemies spawn. You might not make it out of this alive.

UEBERNATURAL is a pretty short experience at the moment, but certainly shows lots of potential! We hope that the developer continues their plans to lengthen and improved the game.  It’s shaping up to be a super fun Supernatural slice of Super Nintendo arcade action!

Check Out an UEBERNATURAL Gameplay Video Here

Play UEBERNATURAL Here (Browser & Win)