Ultima II – Game Jam Build Download

Ultima II game

Ultima II is a first person retro adventure game, made for the Bad Box Art Challenge 2017 and inspired by the original Ultima II game box art, that has you fighting enemies and trying to find an amulet in a strange swamp.

You are an adventurer, on a quest to go through a cursed swamp and find a very important amulet. This amulet will not be easy to find as this swamp is filled with many monsters. Giant mushrooms, hopping creatures, and flying bugs are all looking to kill any newcomers that explore this place. You do have a sword to fight back, though it won’t do much against creatures in the sky!

That being said, you can find a hammer and a gun in the swamp, which will help you defeat some of the tougher enemies. There are also anvils and fountains that increase the amount of damage these weapons can do as well as increase your max health. Sometimes enemies drop blue potions that put a shield around you or red potions that give you more health. These are needed when it comes to exploring and fighting so many enemies.

As you explore, you also might find some chests that will change the world or open up new locations to explore. The swamp is pretty circular, so sometimes you might end up back in the same place twice. Make sure you look around and pay attention to where you are going!

The gameplay’s fairly simple, but the retro visuals are very cool and it’s fun experiencing the classic world of Ultima II in first person. A great take on an gaming classic.

Download Ultima II Here (Windows)