ULTRA HELL – Prototype

ULTRA HELL is a super tough minimalist twin stick shooter in which aggression is encouraged as you attempt to survive for as long as possible against the increasingly tough hordes of hell.

ULTRA HELL is a twin-stick shooter in a similar vein as Geometry Wars, but with much faster gameplay, dark and grimy visuals, upgrades and three different playable characters – each with their own unique weapons. Your aim is to survive for as long as possible, with the final game planned to be completable in just five minutes. Surviving for more than a minute is a real challenge though – the enemies are relentless and they just keep getting bigger and deadlier.

It just takes one hit to kill you so you have to be careful as you dart around the cramped game arena. You can level up and earn upgrades that can help you though by collecting the cash that larger enemies drop. The faster you kill the larger enemies the more cash they’ll drop, so you’re encouraged to be aggressive (and you really don’t want to let the enemies build up or you’ll quickly be overwhelmed).

It’s a stylish, addictive and very challenging take on the twin stick shooter that offers adrenaline-fuelled gameplay that’s perfect for a quick fix of bullet hell carnage. Good luck, you’ll need it!

Note: The current build of ULTRA HELL doesn’t have any audio implemented yet but if you play this in the background it goes with the gameplay pretty well!

Download The ULTRA HELL Prototype Here (Windows)