Ultraball – Alpha Download

Ultraball Alpha Download

Ultraball is a very cool Rocket League-esque arena sport that blends third person shooting, Dodgeball and Soccer as teams of robots face off in fast paced matches where they use short range magnetic pulse rifles to knock the ball into the oppositions net.

in Ultraball two teams of four face off against each other in action packed matches that take place over 8 minutes. The rules are similar to Soccer, with you attempting to knock the ball into the opponent’s net, but the way you get in there is very different – with you using your magnetic pulse rifle to pull, push, shoot and launch the ball around the arena, as well as pulling off the occasional frag.

It’s still in Alpha, but Ultraball is already a very polished experience that offers high-octane futuristic ball sports that are fondly reminiscent of the of Rocket League’s superb brand of addictive multiplayer mayhem. Well worth checking out for some brutal bot-battling ballsport.

Note: As Ultraball is still in Alpha there may not be many people on the servers. We highly recommend inviting some friends to join you for a match or organising games via Ultraball’s official Discord server

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ultraball Alpha Here (Windows)

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