ULTRAKILL – Alpha Demo

ULTRAKILL is an incredibly fast paced ultraviolent FPS where blood splatter heals you and your guns rip enemies to shreds.

Drawing inspiration from Quake, Doom (2016) and Devil May Cry, ULTRAKILL is an intense retro styled FPS with parkour abilities, huge combos, beefy weapons, big bosses and blood… lots and lots of blood. The blood isn’t just a cosmetic touch either – you actually replenish your health when enemy blood splashes on you, which encourages you to get up close and personal while taking them out.

The current ULTRAKILL build serves as a prologue to the full game that’s coming to Early Access in 2020 and features five large levels, three challenging bosses, 2 weapons (and 2 variants) and an unlockable secret mission. Each level is also littered with secrets to find and optional objectives which give them plenty of replayability, especially as you’re graded on your combat skills at the end of each level (much like in Devil May Cry).

Even in these early stages of development ULTRAKILL plays like a dream. The gameplay is fast, fluid and incredibly brutal, with you constantly having to be on the move to rack up multipliers, avoid enemy fire and collect the odd bit of blood splatter from your enemies. It’s not mindless run n’ gun shooter either, you need to think about how you’re going to dispatch your enemies most efficiently and you can even use environmental hazards to your advantage – such as guiding enemies into giant presses of shooting away glass floors so that they’ll plunge to their doom.

There are plenty of retro styled shooters on PC nowadays, but ULTRAKILL isn’t just another 90s styled FPS, it’s a true evolution of the classic 90s shooter. It feels like the game Quake would be if it was remade as a modern Doom (2016) style FPS and it’s a whole lot of blood-splattered fun from start to finish. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The ULTRAKILL Alpha Demo Here (Windows)