ULTRAKILL is an intense, super fast paced and incredibly brutal retro styled FPS where blood is fuel and bullets do some serious damage to enemies..

Currently in development by Arsi “Hakita” Patala, ULTRAKILL takes place in a future where mankind is extinct and Earth is now ruled by machines that run on blood. However, that blood is fast running out so you head down to Hell in search of more. And oh God is there a lot more…

We previously featured ULTRAKILL on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago and were very impressed with its adrenaline-fuelled retro run n gun mayhem. It’s a super fast paced run n gun FPS that draws inspiration from Quake, Doom and Devil May Cry as you race through levels, blasting enemies and chaining together kills for huge combos.

The latest build contains mostly the same levels as the previous build but is more polished, there’s a new gun (a minigun) and a new level (which may have been a bonus level in the previous version but you needed some serious skill to unlock it). It also features different visual modes that allow you to look like a classic 90’s PC shooter or a PSX game.

You’ll take a lot of punishment, but the fact that you’re a machine that runs on blood means that the blood splatter of your enemies refills your health (which really comes in handy). The gameplay is geared towards speed, but it’s worth taking a little time to look around now and again as there are lots of secrets hidden in the levels.

It’s a hell of a lot of fun basting your way through each level and it offers a real challenge, even on normal mode. Your guns do some serious damage though and you’re very nimble. It’s the sort of game that makes average players feel like gods and erupts into a glorious symphony of blood and bullets when being played by a skilled player. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The ULTRAKILL Beta Demo Here (Steam)