ULTROS – Beta Demo

ULTROS is an incredible looking psychedelic Sci-Fi biopunk metroidvania set in a cosmic uterus that will give birth to an ancient demonic entity.

ULTROS is currently in development by Hadoque and El Huervo (the artist behind that iconic Hotline Miami cover art and features a stunning psychedelic art style inspired by 60’s/70’s comic book artists such as Mobeus. The game takes place inside The Sarcophagus – a cosmic uterus that orbits a black hole. You seem to have crash landed there and must now explore, meet the locals and figure out what part you have to play in a place that seems to be trapped in an eternal cycle.

There are themes of life, death and karmic cycles in ULTROS, most notably seen in the game’s gameplay loop which takes place throughout multiple cycles of death and rebirth. Each cycle sees you restarting from the same place and losing most of your acquired skill-tree, but new permanent abilities acquired open up new routes throughout the world. It’s a clever concept that delivers an interesting twist on traditional metroidvania gameplay.

The jaw-dropping psychedelic world of ULTROS is a fascinating place to explore, with each area packed full of incredible hand-crafted details. Meanwhile the combat is fast, fluid and challenging, and there are plenty of secrets to discover. It all makes for a very unique and captivating experience, as you unravel the mysteries of The Sarcophagus.

Check Out An ULTROS Gameplay Video Here

Download The ULTROS Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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