Umbral – Prototype Download

Umbral is a very disorientating first person puzzle adventure set within a minimalist black and white labyrinth where you need to move to be able to understand the 3D environment.

In Umbral you find yourself trapped in a strange black and white labyrinth that appears to be made out of places that are familiar to your character. The entire place is created in pure black and white though, with no shading whatsoever, so finding your way around can be quite tricky. So in order to “see” a black object you need to try and move around so that it’s in front of a white background. You also have the ability to shift the color on some structures, which comes in handy in some innovative ways.

There is a little dialogue that’s in Spanish, but it doesn’t affect the gameplay and you can get a gist of the narrative from the ending. It’s a fantastic concept with a visually striking art style and lots of inventive puzzle design that makes creative use of its two-tone game world. A brilliant piece of black and white game design.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Umbral Prototype Here