Umurangi Generation – Beta Demo

Umurangi Generation is a very stylish first person photography game set in a dystopian future, where you earn cash by taking photos of the environment around you.

In Umurangi Generation you take on the role of a courier/photographer for the Tarangua Express. In each level you have a set amount of pictures you can take. You can earn cash just by taking pictures of things you find aesthetically pleasing in the environment, with the amount you earn depending on the color, content and composition of the picture. You can also tweak the settings (hue, contrast, saturation) of each picture you take, just to get it looking just the way you like it.

To complete a level you need to find and take pictures of various “Photo Bounties” (which can be viewed by [pressing “Esc”) – this generally entails you taking a picture of certain objects in a certain style, such as taking a picture of a Union Jack close up or taking a picture of seven birds. You have a series of bonus objectives to complete too, which can be slightly trickier, but can earn you new equipment for your trouble.

Umurangi Generation may be set in a grim future, but it’s a wonderful place to hang out and take photos. It’s a very chilled out experience and there’s lots of great little details and easter eggs to spot in the environment. It’s shaping up to be the best photography game since Pokemon Snap!

Download The Umurangi Generation Beta Demo Here (Steam)