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Unaligned is a beautiful a third person puzzle platforming adventure with metroidvania elements, in which you use your ability to phase between alternate worlds as you attempt to escape a mysterious temple.

In Unaligned you control a horned humanoid being who wakes up in a strange temple with a little fairy-like companion who tells you you need to escape. You companion is pretty helpful and will guide you as you make your way through the temple, but it’s not going to be easy!

Along the way you’ll unlock new abilities that will allow you to solve puzzles and access new areas of the temple. Chief among these powers is the ability to phase between light and dark versions of the game world, allowing you to avoid hazards, use platforms and alter the height of plants to aid your escape.

Taking around half an hour to complete, Unaligned really impresses with its high level of polish, beautiful visual design, cleverly crafted puzzles and intriguing game world. There are some great bits of game design, such as the way your energy level is represented in your cape and the way your broken horn regrows in the dark world. The platforming and puzzles present a satisfyingly tough challenge and there’s a fantastic attention to detail that really brings the game world to life. A magical mystery puzzle platforming adventure we highly recommend checking out.

Check Out a Full Walkthrough Video Here

Download Unaligned Here (Windows)

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  1. In the name of the Unaligned Team, thank you so much for what you have done! We really appreciate how much you’ve enjoyed our small but full of effort videogame project . We’ve been very excited to read your reactions, it is precisely what we wanted to achieve, beyond a high rating, we wanted to make people enjoyed it and marvel at our videogame, it seems that we are doing well. Thank you very much for helping to make our game reach much more public, this will help us a lot in our future.

    We will mention you on our facebook page inviting our followers to watch the video and your webpage to support you, in the same way that you have helped us. Cheers,

    Unaligned Team

    • Hi! No problem at all! It’s a real pleasure to spread the word about great new indie games and Unaligned really is a fantastic game. The aesthetics, audio, level design and gameplay are all superb. Your team has done an incredible job, hope you all received an A+ for the project! :)

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