Unbound: Worlds Apart – Kickstarter Demo

Unbound: Worlds Apart is a beautiful handcrafted puzzle platforming adventure where you use multiple types of magic portal to solve puzzles and avoid death as you make your way through its dark fantasy world.

In Unbound: Worlds Apart you take control of Soli, a young mage who can conjure magic portals between different realities. After your peaceful civilization is ravaged by forces of evil you set out to try and save the remain survivors and get to the bottom of what caused the catastrophe in the first place.

The portals that Soli can open up have different effect and can alter the physical properties of the character or the game world around him. There are three different types of portal showcased in the demo – one which opens up to a dark world that has slightly different structures to your world, one which flips your gravity and one which lights up the darkness around you. Most likely the full game will have even more types of portal, but even with the three in the demo it allows for some very creative puzzle design.

It’s an impressive game with beautiful artwork and cleverly crafted puzzle platforming gameplay that feels a little like Limbo (in fact the first enemy you meet seems like a definite nod to Playdead’s black and white masterpiece), but with more colors and some very cool portal mechanics. A delightful dark fantasy puzzle platforming adventure well worth delving into.

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