Unboxing Simulator – Game Jam Build Download

Unboxing Simulator is a fun little loot box based horror game where the loot that you win starts affecting the real world.

In Unboxing Simulator you’ve downloaded a crack that will allow you to open as many loot boxes as you like for your favorite game. You sit down at your computer and start clicking away to get all that lovely loot. However it’s not long until a large pipe appears in your bedroom and loot starts to drop down through it. Then things start to get REALLY weird!

It would be nice if you could get up and walk around your room or even just zoom in a little bit but on the whole it’s a fun little horror game. It’s a great concept that would be good for expanding on and it’s certainly not as scary as the prices of EA’s loot boxes!

Download Unboxing Simulator Here (Windows)