Unbroken – Alpha Demo

Unbroken is a hyperviolent grimdark FPS with brutal Tarantino inspired violence and fast paced Hotline Miami-esque gameplay.

Currently in development by MGP Studios (creators of Project Downfall), Unbroken is a mood-heavy FPS where you attempt to track down a traitor in a grim dark fantasy world. The combat is fast, brutal and visceral, with high-damage weaponry, and plenty of gory slow-mo. It’s not one-hit-kill, but you’re no tank so you’ll need to weave through bullets, stun enemies and parry to survive. The guns you get often have very little ammo too, so you’ll often be throwing or swapping them for others as in Hotline Miami.

There are some gameplay issues (such as the hard-to read font and having to laboriously find and kill everyone hiding in the large city level before you can move on), and there are a few minor bugs (such as guns being held oddly at times), but even still it’s a hell of a lot of fun. It’s got a very unique visual style, the combat is gloriously brutal and there’s some serious amounts of environmental destruction. The game may be called “Unbroken”, but you’re gonna leave a whole lot of broken things in your wake. Highly recommended.

Check Out an Unbroken Gameplay Video Here

Download The Unbroken Alpha Demo Here (Steam)