Uncivil War – Open Beta (iOS & Android)

Uncivil War is a stylish PvE and PvP strategic card game for iOS and Android inspired by the classic card game War, that sees you recruiting soldiers, building decks and battling against enemies in matches that are designed for those who enjoy the likes of Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone but would prefer a faster gameplay experience.

Uncivil War pits North against South in online multiplayer duels and in its extensive single-player campaign. It features fast paced and easily accessible gameplay, but still allows for plenty of strategic depth, with over 200 unique cards to unlock and upgrade. The core gameplay is similar to War, with you attempting to play a higher value card than your opponent in each hand, with the winer being declared after 13 rounds. Where Uncivil War differs though is that you can unlock and upgrade cards to give them special properties – such as not allowing the opposing player to see what card you just laid or increasing the stats of the other cards in your hand.

It’s a very addictive game, that eases you into the action by playing much like a traditional game of War initially, then introducing more complex card types and battlefield conditions as you play. It soon becomes apparent once you start building up a decent deck that there’s plenty of strategic depth to Uncivil War. You’ll have to think fast though – you only get a few seconds to choose which card to play each turn. The pixel artwork in the game is also very impressive, with great animation and character portraits (the pics on the Google Play page really don’t do it justice). It’s a very impressive game that offers one of the fastest paced and well polished mobile CCG we’ve ever come across. Grab your phone now and join the fight!

Join In The Uncivil War Beta on Android Here or Sign Up For iOS Beta Access Here