Uncontrollable Robot Man – Game Jam Build Download


Ever wanted to fly your own Iron Man suit?  Well now you can (sort of) with Uncontrollable Robot Man, an extremely hard to control toy robot with thrusters for arms and legs.

Played in a kids toy room, your ‘simple’ objective is to fly around and knock over all the toy plastic soldiers.  This is FAR easier than it sounds, as the QWOP-like control scheme makes your little rocket powered robot ridiculously hard to fly (which is what makes the game frustratingly fun).  After a few minutes you’ll figure out a way to stop sliding along the ground and bashing into walls, but you’ll never become one with this flying machine.  There are plenty of objects to bash into and knock over, but you can be guaranteed that if you aim for anything specifically, you’ll miss it by a mile.

Tony Stark makes this look easy – you’re going to make it look like a trained monkey has stolen his suit!

Note: Requires Xbox 360 Control Pad

Note 2: Unfortunately as it’s a Jam game, the dev didn’t have enough time to implement audio, but just put this on in the background for an authentic Iron Man experience!

Watch Our Pathetic Attempt To Control The Uncontrollable Robot Man HERE

Download or Play Uncontrollable Robot Man HERE (Win, Linux & Browser)