Undaunted: The Heretic One – Alpha Download

Undaunted: The Heretic One is a fast paced old school spellcasting roguelike FPS which sees you using six magic staffs to fight your way through the sunken city of Minos.

Drawing inspiration from classic 90s shooters like Heretic, Hexen and Doom, Undaunted: The Heretic One sees you taking on the role of a sinner (a heretic) who has been banished to the sunken city of Minos by the gods. You must now use six magic staffs and to fight your way out of the procedurally generated labyrinthine demon-infested city. Each staff has its unique strengths and uses a different amount/type of mana to use. If your mana is running low then you always have your trusty sword to fall back on, but you probably don’t want to be getting too close to these monstrosities!

Even in these early stages of development there’s a lot to like about Undaunted: The Heretic One. The gameplay is fast paced and fluid, and the visuals are very impressive (particularly the lighting effects of the staffs/spells. The one thing that it is really missing at the moment though is gore. A lot of FPS games can get by without it, but in a classic demon fighting FPS like this then you really need fragged enemies to erupt into a mass of bloody chunks. It’s still fun at the moment, but with a bit of gore it could be bloody good fun!

Download The Undaunted: The Heretic One Alpha Here (Windows)