Undead Horde Holiday Special – Pre-Alpha Download

Undead Horde Holiday Special is a fun little festive pre-Alpha build of 10tons’ upcoming Undead Horde, which sees you raising an army of undead elves and attempting to slay (or sleigh) Santa!

The gameplay in Undead Horde Holiday Special blends hack n’ slash dungeon crawling and RTS elements, with you controlling a powerful Necromancer who can reanimate the bodies of the dead and have them fight alongside you. As you progress you’ll level up your powers and collect lots of loot, giving you lots of useful buffs and spells that can aid your undead rampage.

The special festive build of Undead Horde features three levels and sees you making an assault on the North Pole. You must ransack the elves workshops, slay the elves that are defending them and re-animate them to fight by your side. Along the way you’ll level up your character and collect new equipment that can aid in your final battle with Santa.

You can feel a quite overpowered at times, but it’s a great little undead adventure with a fun premise and hack n’ slash RTS gameplay that’s easy to pick up and play. Well worth checking out for some Santa sleighing fun!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

You Can Still Sign Up For The Undead Horde Alpha Here

Download The Undead Horde Holiday Special Here (Windows)