UNDEFEATED – Student Game

UNDEFEATED is essentially a perfect blueprint of how to make a great Superman game, allowing you to swoop around a large open city, fighting crime, saving civilians and battling dangerous supervillains.

Considering he’s one of DC’s most famous superheroes and that Batman has had a surprising amount of great games, it’s amazing how bad the official Superman games have been. Step forward UNDEFEATED, a thoroughly enjoyable open world game created by three game dev students, which is essentially a Superman game in all but name.

The problem with Superman as a game character is that he’s nigh invincible and overpowered. The devs of UNDEFEATED have addressed this by making it the city, not the superhero, that has a health bar. Your character is invincible, but during boss battles the bosses will damage the city. If the city becomes too damaged then you’ll fail, but you can repair it by speeding past the damaged areas. Defeating bosses earns you new skills and between boss fights you can fly around the city carrying out various challenges, fighting crime and saving civilians to earn XP (which levels up your attributes).

It’s a fantastic game with fast paced arcadey gameplay that really makes you feel like an invincible superhero. Warner Brothers and DC take note, this is how you make a truly great Superman game!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download UNDEFEATED Here (Steam)