Under – Alpha Demo

Under is a freaky first person horror adventure which follows a traumatised WWI soldier aboard a Titanic-esque sinking turn of the century ocean liner.

In Under you take on the role of Alexander Dockter, a WWI veteran who finds himself aboard a mysterious sinking ocean liner. The war is over, but you’re about to find that the ship contains even worse horrors than those you endured in the trenches. Throughout the game you’ll discover more of your backstory, deal with flooding decks and hopefully find some means of escape.

The current build of Under features around 10 minutes of gameplay and sees you waking up and exploring the sinking ship. Your interactions are fairly minimal and it’s entirely wordless, but there’s a lot of graphical detail and a good amount of environmental storytelling that helps build the narrative and flesh out the world its set in. As you explore you unlock new areas of the ship and attempt to escape from a sinister looking figure that stalks you.

The ending of the current demo feels a little limp, but other than that it’s a very promising game with high quality visuals, a great sense of atmosphere and some good scares. Exactly why a WWI veteran finds himself aboard the sinking ocean liner is an intriguing story too, which will be interesting to learn more of. A sinister sinking ship well worth boarding.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Under Alpha Demo Here (Windows)