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Under The Farm Game Download

Under The Farm is a challenging voxel-based bullet hell roguelike dungeon crawler inspired by Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, in which you play a farmer who discovers a demon-filled dungeon under his farm!

Much like in Binding of Isaac, in Under The Farm you start off the game massively underpowered, with only a feeble handgun and a garden rake to fend off the demons. But as you make your way through the game’s dangerous procedurally generated dungeons you’ll unlock a nice variety of more powerful weapons and upgrades and earn cash that can be used in the shop. Once you rescue them from their cages, chickens actually serve as one of the best forms of offence, as they follow you and automatically fire at enemies.

Under The Farm is still early in development, but it already shows a lot of promise with its charming voxel-based visuals, fun selection of weaponry and challenging blend of dungeon crawling and bullet hell gameplay. It’s single player only at the moment, but the devs also plan to add a whole host of multiplayer options too, including co-op, Deathmatch, PvE Defense and MOBA-style modes. A cheerful, charming and challenging chicken-filled dungeon crawler well worth checking out.

Note: You can smash the chests (by pressing ‘E’) to earn tokens for the gambling machine in the shop area or use a key (press ‘Spacebar’) to get a useful upgrade or weapon, we’d recommend the latter if you have a key handy. The Spacebar is also used to purchase items from the shop (a full list of controls is in the read me.txt that comes with the game)

Download The Under The Farm Prototype Here (Windows)

6 thoughts on “Under The Farm – Prototype Download”

  1. Don’t mean to be rude, but this game is much more than just inspired by enter the gungeon imo

  2. Hi, I’m member of the Appetizer games that are making this game.
    Thanks for good article!
    We are inspired by Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne,
    but we are inspired by Enter the Gungeon much more. (as @Billy Markowitz said)
    And big fan of Enter the Gungeon.

    To bring the advantages of the existing games well, and
    to make the games have the characteristics of Appetizer Games,
    we’ll do our best.

  3. It being heavily inspiered on Enter the Gungeon doesn’t bother me, since that’s a great game, but almost all of the monsters use the *exact* same bullet spread as Enter the Gungeon which makes it feel like a reskin of EtG when you play it. (Albeit a cool reskin; I love the breakable doors.)

    I do hope the bullet spreads will be replaced in the future with unique ones and that they can figure out a unique art design which reflect the supposed theme better. (Aside from the playable character there’s nothing farming related, but a lot of it is Enter the Gungeon related.)

    • Thanks a lot for your feedback !!
      I agree. I’ll check and replace bullet-spreads.
      And now we’re working on replacing map theme which reflects our narratives.

      Can I reach you by email for more feedback, after change something?
      If you don’t mind, please contact me. john@teamappetizer.com

  4. It’s fine to be inspired by EtG, but you really have to distance yourself from their unique gameplay. That is to reiterate about the bullet spreads and additionally strongly recommend you find your own unique mechanics and design, beyond just “being a voxel version of an existing game”, which is exactly what it currently looks like, down to the UI.

    Clones with slight deviations don’t help the gaming industry and potential players will be annoyed more than interested in playing.

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