Under the Influence – Game Jam Build

under the influence

Under the Influence, a short narrative made for the Bacon Game Jam 10, is a mysterious game about being trapped in an ever changing room by a tormenting captor.

Unsure of why you are here or what is going on, a voice tells you about the situation. He tells you that you are stuck in this room, but not to worry as the key is in the room too. You need to figure out how to fix what is going on – to change the situation so that you are able to leave. Once you figure out what is wrong with the room, you must rewind the game so that the changes are made. Each time you rewind it, the room will change and so will the options you are given to say.

This voice will not tell you why you are trapped, but he will keep insisting there is a way out. If you mess with him enough, he might even start to go crazy. You need to make sure you influence him so that you can escape from this room. The simple graphics, paired with the deep voice acting adds quite a bit to this game – giving it quite the mysterious feeling as you wonder what you have done to get into this place!  Try to influence your captor to let you go, after all, the key is in the room.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available