Under The Rain – Alpha Demo

Under The Rain is a creepy Resident Evil-esque survival horror adventure that sees you exploring a cursed city and attempting to to survive the grotesque Lovecraftian horrors that inhabit it.

In Under The Rain you take on the role of Randolph Carter, a young man who was summoned by a mysterious stranger to return to Arkham – an abandoned and cursed city that’s filled with freaky Lovecraftian monsters. You’ll now have to explore the city and discover its dark secrets as you attempt to escape this nightmare.

The survival horror gameplay in Under The Rain is similar to the early Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, with you searching for useful items, scavenging resources and fighting freaky monsters. Interestingly, the default view is from Resident Evil style fixed camera angles, with you able to move your character and your flashlight independently. While the fixed camera angles do a good job of building atmosphere their placement does make movement a bit tricky, particularly with mouse and keyboard controls (PS4 controllers are supported but not Xbox controllers at the moment). Thankfully though you can switch to a third person camera view at the press of a button which makes getting around a whole lot easier.

Under The Rain is still early in development at the moment so does have quite a few rough edges – such as the basic enemy AI, bad camera placement and an overabundance of consumables. It’s a promising start though, with a great sense of atmosphere and an interesting fusion of static and third person camera angles that could work well once the bugs are ironed. Well worth checking out for buggy, but interesting slice of old school survival horror.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Under The Rain Alpha Demo Here (Windows)