Underground Blossom – Beta Demo

Underground Blossom is a point and click adventure that sees you taking a train trip where each stop is an important event in a person’s life.

Created by Rusty Lake (creators of the Rusty Lake games and The Past Within), Underground Blossom is a stylish, strange and slightly creepy point and click adventure set within an underground rail system. You stop at stations that represent important points in a woman called Laura Vanderboom’s life, and to get back on the train and continue your journey you’ll need to solve cleverly crafted puzzles.

The demo build of Underground Blossom features two of different stations and takes around 20 minutes to play through. As you’d expect from Rusty Lake, the puzzles are excellent and the environments are packed full of clever little details that can contain crucial clues. The stations reflect different points in a life is a great concept and travelling between them on a train gives you a real sense of progress. A mysterious train journey well worth embarking on.

Download The Underground Blossom Beta Demo Here (Steam)