Underground Chef Castle – Game Jam Build Download


Underground Chef Castle, a game made for the TAG Jam 20, will have you exploring old school dungeons and using precision timing to fend of your foes.

This game has quite the retro feel, as you explore dungeons, looking for keys and levers so that you can continue through. Slimes and bats riddle the dungeon, looking to destroy you. Killing them off with your sword may cause them to drop keys, bombs, or even potions of life. These keys are what you are really after though.

In this dungeon there are many, many locked doors. You must explore around for keys or use the ones you have gotten from defeating monsters. As you go deeper and deeper into the dungeon, it becomes more maze-like, almost making you go back to the beginning to make sure you have not missed a needed key. Monsters lurk behind most doors, levers appear here and there to unlock new areas, but more often than not, you might just get lost exploring.

Underground Chef Castle is really smooth and fun to play, with a nod to old atari games. You might just end up spending hours exploring this retro dungeon!

Download Underground Chef Castle HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)