Underground Hangovers – GameJam Build Download

underground hangovers

Underground Hangovers, a metroidvania mining platformer made for the Ludum Dare 30, has you trying to find your way back home after a drunken night in the mines.

You and your friends were apart of a mining company who was mining ores on another planet. The night before the launch, you guys decided to have a big party. The next morning, you woke up to find that the main group had gone back to your home planet, taking the only ship with them. Now, you must find resources left on this planet to make another ship so that you can get back home.

To make a new ship, you need to mine blue, red and green ores. These ores can be used to build up the rocket or to get upgraded equipment, but if you carry too many ores, you will start to move slowly. As you build the rocket up on the main base, you can view how far along it is. The only tool you have to help you find these ores is a very handy grappling hook. This grappling hook is almost like a moving bridge that you can set up, letting you cross gaps and scale obstacles. You can also use this tool to fight off dogs that lurk in the mine, grappling them so that they do not charge at you. As you progress, you can purchase other helpful objects, such as a drill that breaks through brick-like walls and kills the dogs.

Inside the mine, you might find areas that have different experiments or debris left in them. There may also be people down there, or transporters. What will you discover?

Download Underground Hangovers HERE (Windows Only)