Underhero – Alpha Demo


Underhero is a charming and genuinely funny 2D side-scrolling action platforming RPG, packed with quirky characters and high quality pixel art animation in which you play a minion who plans to overthrow his boss.

Underhero turns the tables on conventional RPG’s (and games in general) within the first five minutes, with the hero meeting his untimely demise and an evil minion rising up to take his place.  It’s a fun twist that makes a refreshing gaming experience that raises a smile, and allows you to freely wander around the overlords castle, exploring and talking to other minions (you’ve even got your own room there!).

Still early in development, the current build of Underhero offers up a sizeable chunk of the game.  It does seem to have a few minor dungeon sections that have placeholder art, but on the whole the artwork in the game is superb, filled with luscious backgrounds and vibrant character design.

Gameplay in Underhero is split between metroidvania-style exploration and RPG-esque duels in which you choose which attacks and defensive moves your character will perform.  It’s a little tricky to pull off parry at the moment, but on the whole it’s a fun system reminiscent of the Paper Mario games.

With it’s charming character design, vibrant game world and great sense of humor, Underhero is shaping up to be a marvellous minion metroidvania RPG.  Remember, you’re not bad, you’re just drawn that way!

Download The Underhero Alpha Demo Here