Undersea – Game Jam Build Download

Undersea, a short, stylish and slightly spooky 2.5D puzzle adventure game made for the GameDevNetwork: Dragon Jam, has you trying to escape a strange underwater base.

You are a human test subject, looking to escape the place that you have been imprisoned. There are notes about your specific situation written in the air around you, which will explain more of your back story and what is going on. You have a gun that can be used to solve puzzles, as well as different walls between you and the exit. All of the walls have a button that can be shot to let the walls down or make the walls easy to overcome, but it is up to you to figure out how to hit these targets and move beyond the different walls.

Your back history is very interesting in this story – telling you this all seems to be some sort of test that was created in your own mind. A simulator that you have put yourself into and are being punished for trying to escape it. You are an average human, into memes and references to video games. You are smart and try to escape often, you are very good at solving puzzles. But, are you good enough to escape this place and make it above ground?

Download Undersea Here (Windows & Mac)