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Undertale Customs

Undertale Customs is an impressive Undertale fan game in which players will be able to embark on mini-Undertale adventures and do battle with powerful enemies – the prototype features the first episode of this adventure, in which you take on a very strict high school teacher – Craninex!

You are late to class, without your homework nonetheless, and the teacher is pretty mad. You can explore the classroom a bit, but you know what is coming – challenging boss fight in which you can decide to spare your teacher or destroy him.

Once you speak to your teacher the fight starts. Boring classes are used as weapons against you; astronomy, algebra, and biology are the weapons that your heart must dodge using Undertale’s innovative combat system. You have a couple of hot dogs, from today’s school lunch no doubt, to replenish your health. As in Undertale, It is up to decide you how you take on the teacher. You can just straight kill him, talk to him until he becomes your friend, or maybe pick on him until the class is on your side. Keep dodging and working on defeating the teacher until your bad grades are forgotten!

Though the Undertale Customs prototype only has one story so far, it has plenty of different endings depending on how you take on the teacher.  Understandably, Undertale has inspired a large amount of fan games, but Undertale Customs is by far one of the best we’ve come across so far – we can’t wait to see what delights episode 2 has to offer!

Note: Don’t press the Z or X buttons at the start for a fun little easter egg.

Download Undertale Customs Here (Win Only)

2 thoughts on “Undertale Customs – Prototype Download”

  1. Thank you so much for your compliments about my fangame! :)

    I’ve just released episode 2 a little while ago, which features Ms. Mettaton, an abandoned prototype by Alphys, and a pun on the whole “making a female version of the male character” trope, aka, Ms. Pac-Man, etc. x)

    I hope you enjoy what Episode 2 has in store for you! :)

    • No problem! It’s a great game.

      Episode 2 sounds great, thanks for the heads up, well check it out! :)

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