UNDETECTED is a Metal Gear Solid inspired stealth action game where a cyber-augmented agent unravels a corporate conspiracy.

Currently in development by Merlino Games (creators of The Chameleon), aims to revive the classic stealth action gameplay of the early Metal Gear Solid games. In the game you control a Snake-esque augmented secret agent as they sneak deep into a top secret facility and uncover a shady conspiracy.

UNDETECTED is a little faster paced and more forgiving than Snake’s PS1 era outings. The stealth is fairly similar, but one major difference is that you’re pretty much invisible when not illuminated by an artificial lightsource. There are quite a lot of lights on the maps though so you still need a good bit of stealth to get through them. Thankfully you have plenty of options available, such as crawling through undergrowth, using distractions or turning off light sources.

Classic Metal Gear Solid style stealth action games have dried up over recent years so it’s nice to see it making a comeback with UNDETECTED. It manages to capture the hardcore stealth gameplay of Snake’s adventures while still allowing for faster paced gameplay more suited to a modern audience. Jump in now for some old school tactical stealth action fun!

To download the UNDETECTED Beta demo go to the Discord channel and use the link and password found in the #announcements channel.