Unending Bonus – Student Project Download

unending bonus

Unending Bonus is a fun Tempest-esque vector based tunnel running shooter that sees you driving along edges to increase your multiplier then lifting off to blast objects for points.

Created by Adam Rezich, a student at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, the current build is more of a prototype, from which he plans to expand on someday.  The vector based visuals are superb and the tunnel running gameplay offers a few clever refinements of the classic Tempest gameplay.  As you travel down the unending tunnel, you must avoid red obstructions whilst blasting green triangles.   This is relatively easy at slower speeds, but to get a maximum score you must skirt along the edges to increase your velocity and increase your multiplier – allowing for some epic scores and epic speeds.

At the moment, Unending Bonus can be a little too easy once you get to grips with the controls, and would really benefit from an increase in speed and difficulty at lower multiplier levels.  But this is nothing that a ‘hard mode’ wouldn’t solve, and the vector based visuals, minimalistic electro soundtrack and fun gameplay already make Unending Bonus a joy to play.  Vectoriffic.

Note:  Control pad Only.  It’s recommended to play the tutorial to get to grips with the control scheme.

Note 2:  For a real taste of speed and challenge, we’d recommend keeping your multiplier above 15.

Download Unending Bonus HERE