UNFOLLOW – Beta Demo

UNFOLLOW is a freaky first person psychological horror game that explores the dark side of social media as a young woman deals with terrifying monsters created by her childhood trauma.

In UNFOLLOW you are a young woman who was bullied for her weight as a child. The bullying came from classmates and your mother, and now it seems that the trauma has manifested into a living nightmare inhabited by your darkest fears. You’ll now need to face them and conquer them (or you may decide not to), and all the while you have comments appearing on the screen as if from a live-stream feed.

The demo build of UNFOLLOW features about 30 minutes of gameplay and really impresses with its production values. The ambient audio and the combat could do with a little work, but aside from that it’s shaping up to be an excellent game. The environmental design and the monster design is superb and the voice acting is also very well done. It’ll be interesting to see how the livestream social media aspect manifests throughout the game as it’s an interesting concept that has a lot of potential. It’s definitely worth following Unfollow.

Check Out An Unfollow Gameplay Video Here

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Download The Unfollow Beta Demo Here (Steam)