Unholy – Beta Demo

Unholy is a first person horror adventure where a mother opens up a gateway to an unholy city to save her son.

In Unholy you are a bereaved mother that lives in a Post-Soviet East European city where people follow a cult-like religion. Your son is said to have died tragically in a fire, but you are unable to move on and a mysterious old woman claims that she can help you – by opening up a passageway to The Eternal City. It’s a place of horror, fear and torment. You’ll need to use stealth, puzzle solving and your son’s trusty catapult to stay alive and save your son.

The current demo build features a selection of vertical slices from the game. This means it can feel a little disjointed but it does a great job of showcasing what to expect in the full game. The visuals are absolutely stunning, the voice acting is well done (don’t expect any Eastern European accents though) and the story is intriguing. The stealth could do with a little work (enemies seem to have superhuman vision), but other than that it’s a very promising game. See how far you’ll go to save your son.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Unholy Beta Demo Here (Steam)