Unichrome – Beta Download

Unichrome is a super fast paced retro styled action platforming adventure in which you control a rainbow unicorn as they blast their way through multi colored levels with multi colored bullets.

In Unichrome you control a cute little unicorn with a very big gun which fires even bigger bullets. The gameplay is simple but fun, with you running, jumping and shooting your way through a series of retro styled levels and battling bosses. There’s a small, but interesting selection of baddies to blast, most interesting of which is a large red ball shaped one which you’re often best avoiding rather than shooting as it’ll split into three smaller balls which dart towards you.

The action platforming gameplay in Unichrome isn’t revolutionary, but it’s got a great visual style and is accompanied by a super catchy soundtrack. It’s a fun little unicorn adventure, that offers a nice challenge and a whole lot of style.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Unichrome Beta Here (Windows)