UniPocalypse – Prototype Download

UniPocalypse is a simple, addictive and adorable little game that sees you drawing pathways with rainbows to guide three uncoordinated little unicorns through a cloud kingdom that’s been invaded by demons.

In UniPocalypse the unicorn’s cloud kingdom has been invaded by finger demons and bat monsters, so it’s up to you to guide the unicorns to safety. You don’t have any control of the cute little unicorns directly, instead you draw pathways out of rainbows to help guide your unicorns through the many hazards in front of them.

You start off with three unicorns, but it’s unlikely more than one will survive for long due to their charmingly unpredictable behaviour. You need to draw rainbow pathways to keep the unicorns clear of the fingers that are chasing them whilst avoiding the bat-winged monsters and stationary fingers that are littered around the game world. You do also have the ability to draw barriers that will stop enemies from passing through by pressing the right mouse button, but they’re not too vital as rainbows stop enemies too.

It’s a very tough little game with cute visuals, adorable podgy little unicorns and addictive gameplay. It’s a charming and chaotic little unicorn runner full of fast paced rainbow drawing fun!

Note: Left click to draw rainbows. Right click to draw enemy barriers.

Download The UniPocalypse Prototype Here (Windows)