Universe For Sale – Prologue Download

Universe For Sale is a beautiful graphic novel styled narrative-driven Sci-Fi adventure where a nameless Master meets a woman who can create universes.

With beautiful hand-drawn artwork inspired by European Sci-Fi comic books, Universe For Sale tells the story of a nameless Master who collects stories and a woman who can create custom universes. It has a point and click interface and feels a lot like an interactive graphic novel, with you able to chat to characters, choose dialogue options and partake in light puzzle/minigame elements.

In the Universe For Sale prologue you follow the journey of a nameless ex-cultist master as he visits a tearoom in the dilapidated colony on Jupiter. He seems to collect stories and is searching for a woman called Lila, who has quite a remarkable one. It seems Lila can create custom universes out of basic resources (such as a cup of tea).

The prologue takes around 20 minutes to play through and is a beautifully crafted experience. The world building that it manages to do in such a short time is incredible, thanks largely to the excellent hand-drawn artwork and well written dialogue. The Nameless Master and Lila are fascinating characters that you’ll be dying to learn more about. Even the ancillary characters feel like they would have some wild stories to tell worthy of standalone games themselves. It all makes for a very rich feeling universe that you really want to immerse yourself in. Highly recommended.

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Download The Universe For Sale Prologue Here (Steam)