UNLIT – Student Game Download

UNLIT is a challenging and atmospheric open world Sci-Fi parkour platforming adventure where every move you make brings you closer to turning into stone.

Created by a group of students at CNAM-ENJMIN, UNLIT is a Sci-Fi parkour platformer set in a world whose sun has long burned out and is now enshrouded in darkness. Light is the vital energy that keeps the people of this world alive, without it they turn to stone. There are mysterious light sources though, called “Ember” that burst from the ground which people can draw energy from, but every move they make uses up that energy.

In UNLIT you take on the role of an experienced Pathfinder who is trained to venture into the darkness of the world and search for remaining traces of life or light sources.You are equipped with a suit which allows you to store light energy and use it to help you jump, double-jump, dash and wall-run. However, each of these abilities have a limited amount of uses – once you use them up then each subsequent use of that ability will start to turn you into stone.

It’s an interesting game with a great aesthetic and gameplay that really makes you think about the route you take through the game world and the abilities you use to do so. Jumping is by far the most useful ability so you end up trying to conserve your jump ability as much as possible (so you may end up dashing across a gap rather than jumping to conserve your jumps). The only issue is that the world is pretty large, so you need to play a few times to be able to plot your way around it. See if you have the pathfinding skills to make it through this darkened world.

Download UNLIT Here (Windows)