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Unloop Game

Unloop, short, stylish and strange time traveling adventure made for the #ResistJam, has you trying to figure out how to escape an intense ever-repeating time loop.

You are a scientist living in a dark dystopian world. The government have strict control over everything about your life, including your lab, the food you are able to eat, and your studies as a scientist. You and your best friend are working on creating a time machine and have just tested it out by travelling five minutes into the future, however that’s where the trouble starts as a significant occurrence causes the same five minutes to be played out over and over again

Unloop is a pretty intense game, as a huge clock ticks down on the wall, basically counting down to the point when you have to die and restart. You must focus though and try to tell your friend what is going on. Without his help you’ll be stuck in this loop forever.

It’s a short game but hopefully the devs expand on it in the future as it shows a lot of promise. Well worth checking out for it’s unique visual style, fun time bending gameplay and interesting dystopian game world.

Download Unloop Here (Win, Mac, & Linux)

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