(Un)Marked – Game Jam Build Download

Un Marked game

(Un)Marked, a unique adventure game made for the #ResistJam, has you deciding whether to do as you’re told or do what feels right as you play a member of a tribe that’s planning to commit genocide on the other tribe.

You are one of the Marked. Your tribe has stolen a precious gem from the Unmarked tribe and now has the goal of killing the Unmarked king so that your tribe dominates the world. You have some important decisions to make – do you wish to go with your tribe and kill the enemy tribes king? Should you return the gem? Should you help the fallen from both sides?

You can grab a weapon, like the members of your tribe, and go out and fight! There are many fallen Unmarked tribe members, begging for fruit to heal their wounds. You can help them or kill them. Unmarked tribe members will also fight back, picking up rocks and throwing them at you, if provoked. The rightful owner of the gem is hoping to receive it back, but it is very clear your tribe isn’t going to help.

It’s an interesting game with themes of conflict, war and racism, and with 8 different endings there’s a lot to discover.  You may only be a single soldier but your actions have have a big effect in this little world.

Download (Un)Marked Here (Win & Mac)