Unnamed N++ Style Game With Grappling Hook Prototype


The “Unnamed N++ Style Game With Grappling Hook Prototype” (UNSGWGHP) is a hitherto unnamed game that blends (as you may guess) the fast paced action platforming of N++ with the Worms-esque grappling hook gameplay and adds some cool little twists that we’d rather not spoil.

The gameplay in UNSGWGHP is easy to get to grips with but hard to master, with you controlling your character with WASD and aiming and firing the grappling hook with the mouse. The grappling hook is a fun gameplay mechanic, and you use it to propel yourself around the levels as fast as possible. As you progress you’ll unlock new skills that come in handy in a variety of different ways, morphing the game from a simple N++ style action platformer to something far more complex.

UNSGWGHP is still very early in development (it doesn’t even have a name yet!), but it certainly shows a lot of promise, with stylish visuals, challenging gameplay, some great little twists and fun grappling mechanics. The dev even plans to add online and local multiplayer (co-op and competitive) in the future, so you’ll be able to swing with other players! It may not have a name yet, but whatever it’s called, the Unnamed N++ Style Game With Grappling Hook Prototype is a great little game that’s well worth keeping an eye on.

Note:  To navigate the map screen, simply use the WASD keys to turn the world, and click on the glowing structures to play a level.  Complete all the optional challenges in a level and you’ll earn a star.

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