Unraveled – Alpha Demo


The recent project from Rose Portal Games is a title that would be right at home with the Playstation One classics in the RPG world.The same blood that kept those classics alive, flows through the veins of Unraveled, a sort of Spirited Away/Chrono Trigger atmosphere follows in its wake.

Based on real life events, the story finds the main character in search of her missing family at a ship breaking yard. She falls into the waters and is saved by a strange, furry creature at the bottom, and the two take off together on a magical journey to find her parents.

The game plays like an old school, turn-based RPG, with many places to explore, and creatures to fight. On the subject of the battle system, it includes a unique balance system that’s influenced by calm skills and anger skills. Using calm skills lowers the scale, and anger skills make it go up. Tipping the balance of calmness and anger can alter the tide of battle, raising the effectiveness of the higher balanced skill, but leaving the character vulnerable to the opposite of the spectrum.

Unraveled is currently on Kickstarter, trying to raise the funds to fully develop the game in a timely manner, and like many titles recently surfacing, draws heavy influence from that golden era of JRPG’s from the PSX years.  Unraveled has already been Greenlit for Steam and is making the final push to get the game into the hands of their fans!

Check Out the Kickstarter & Download the Alpha Demo HERE